March Newsletter

March Newsletter

Hello fellow Dunblane Homeowners! We hope you have all had a refreshing month of March and a prosperous year thus far, this year is truly flying by!

We hope you all enjoyed, if not participated, in the annual Dunblane March Hare Race, hosted by Rotary Benoni Van Ryn on Sunday, 22nd March. The event went wonderfully as always, and despite the rain before and after the event everything went smoothly. There were a total of 639 registered riders taking part, included in the 639 were 22 toddlers who seemed to have a blast. This year had the greatest number of entries for the 60km race, with 240 riders. There was even a cute 1km race for the little kiddies, which was absolutely adorable. Congratulations to all who took part in the race, and ended up covered in mud. Both the 35km and the 60km winners were faster than last year. The winners were as follows;

  • 35km Male; Trevor Quaite 01:26:07
  • 35km Lady; Suzanne du Plessis 01:49:09
  • 60km Male; Julius Cobbett 02:05:34
  • 60km Lady: Odette Gay 02:43:27

This was all for a wonderful cause; all proceeds went to Rotary to assist with wheelchairs, and other goods in less fortunate communities. We would like to take this opportunity to extend a special thank you to Dave Perry (stand #8) for accepting to drive the motorbike and lead the cyclists during this event and for all his help during the cycle race.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Jaco Schultz (stand #13) and Henry Kganane and his family (stand #65) who are currently moving in and getting ready to join us in this wonderful community full time. Welcome, we hope that you have a wonderful life here at your new home in Dunblane.

On the equestrian side of things, for all the horse riders out there, remember that there is a Western show coming up on the 25th of April. This is always a fun event, for the rider as well as for the audience. Please contact Brigitte Karels on 082 413 3071 or

On the security side of things, the comms on zones 8 and 9 have all been running smoothly since the felling of the trees that were blocking the communications. Also, zone 7 is back up and running at full power.

Just a friendly reminder that the Estate should be considered an idling zone, one shouldn’t go more than 30 km/h, and any owner of a motorbike, four-wheeler, etc. should please abide by this, and should also please respect all private properties within the Estate. Another friendly reminder to all the homeowners that the speed limit on the Estate is 30km/h and it is important that all homeowners abide by this speed limit as we are a family and pet-friendly Estate.

Can you believe that Easter is already upon us? For all the homeowners travelling over this long weekend, we wish you splendid travels and please remember to drive slowly and safely.

Just a note, that despite the long Easter weekend, refuse will be removed on Friday as per usual.

BirthdayFinally, we would like to wish all the homeowners who will be celebrating their birthdays in April, a wonderful birthday, filled with joy and prosperity!
Shane Hennessy Stand #9 10th April
Neil Stockenstroom Stand #10 20th April
Bennie Luyt Stand #15 08th April
Brian Algar Stand #28 18th April
Anneke Luyt Stand #43 20th April
Peter Clifton Stand #73 21st April

Please don’t forget to send in any information you would like included in the monthly newsletter.

That is all this month, we wish you all an awesome Easter shared with your loved ones and a fulfilling month of April ahead in our beautiful estate.
The Board

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