January 2014 Newsletter

Happy new year to all of the home owners at Dunblane Lifestyle Estate. We are ringing in the new year with a brand new monthly newsletter, be prepared for at least one communication per month from us and feel free to submit any news or photos that you would like to share with your fellow neighbours and home owners.

We would like to start off by mentioning how wonderful our beautiful estate is looking and with a few welcomes and well wishes.

Dock Smith (stand 37), Dave Perry (stand 8), Mr Van Den Heever (stand 36) and Mr & Ms Curtis and their family (stand 114) have recently moved onto the estate, we hope that they are enjoying their stay thus far, please join us in warmly welcoming them to our growing community.

Congratulations on all the beautiful homes that are currently being built on the estate. Six houses (stand numbers 13, 23, 34, 44, 65 & 107) are being worked on, we wish them well and hope that their building experience is a very positive and fulfilling one. We are always very excited to see what beautiful creations are added to our growing community.

We have loads of animal news at Dunblane presently, we sure are blessed to be surrounded by the flora, fauna and wildlife at the estate that we are. We currently have 10 beautiful swans in flight at the estate and 4 reindeer babies were recently born. Unfortunately the pink flamingos have left us for the moment, but they should return for the colder, winter months. Lastly, but certainly not least, on the animal front; the Horse Spa at the Equestrian Centre is up and running. For any information and bookings please contact Brigitte Karels on 082 413 3071 (brigitte@dunblane-equestrian.co.za).

On another note, we’d like to congratulate Mr. Quabeck (Stand 84) on his successful fishing competition on Saturday, 25th January 2014. It was a shame about the weather, Mother Nature doesn’t always hear our prayers, but it sure was a wonderful opportunity for all homeowners to “showcase” the estate and all we have on offer.

Speaking of which, Brian Starke’s house (stand 24) is going up for sale (at R14.5 million). Should you wish to suggest a viewing to a friend or contact, please contact the sales team at (011) 979 1112/3 or 072 515 2549.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Mr. Carl Nel for the use of his Helipad for aerial photography of the Estate.

Finally, we’d like to wish a happy birthday to the following residents for the month of January;

–    Zelna Jordaan; 15th January
–    Susan Marais; 9th January
–    Yeuh-Ming Chen; 19th January
–    Stephanus Gebhardt; 28th January
–    Elizabeth Emmett; 26th January
–    Anastasia Kousiakis; 18th January
–    MJ Van Der Walt; 22nd January

We wish you a splendid February and will be bringing you more news in next month’s newsletter. We also hope you have a magical Valentine’s Day on 14 February ♡

Thanking you,
The Developer

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